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Dyslexia in the News

As more is learned and understood about dyslexia and how to manage it, the media is increasing its coverage of the issue and of the effects of dyslexia on children and their families. Some recent news coverage of interest include these:

Brain & Language Journal, July 7, 2015

Utica Observer Dispatch, Jan. 26, 2014

The Daily Register, May 22, 2009

Yale University, 2013 Free Help for Dyslexic Students,Kyle Redford, 2013

The Columbus Dispatch, June 6, 2011  "Peoria program uses variety of methods to help kids compensate for dyslexia"

The Journal-Standard, September 24, 2008 "Opening Doors to Learning"

Central New York , June 11, 2008 "2008 Recognition Ceremony Held"

Central New York , September 2008 "Stewarts Shops Holiday Match Fund"

Columbus , September 2008 "Learning Center Student Raises Funding"

South Bend , May 29, 2008 "Annie Receives Accolades"

South Bend , May 29, 2008 "Student Researches the Freemasons"

Allentown, March 18, 2008 "Center Celebrates 10 Years"

The Northern Light , June 2007 "The Ripple Effect"